IOC says Los Angeles ready to host 2028 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently released the report of the Evaluation Commission 2028, which scrutinized the proposal of Los Angeles to play host of the Summer Olympic Games 2028.


“The report confirms that Los Angeles is ready to host the Olympic Games 2028,” said the Chair of the 2028 Evaluation Commission, Patrick Baumann.


“Los Angeles of course builds on the strong proposal that was put forward for 2024, while providing all the necessary guarantees to make us confident that the Olympic Games can be awarded 11 years in advance,” Baumann added.


Recognizing the unique opportunity of having two outstanding candidate cities for the Olympic Games 2024, Los Angeles and Paris, the IOC Session in Lausanne in July approved a proposal to “authorize the IOC Executive Board to conclude a tripartite agreement with Los Angeles and Paris and their respective NOCs for the simultaneous election of the host cities of the Olympic Games 2024 and 2028 during the IOC Session in Lima“.


The Session’s decision was contingent upon a number of steps, including the appointment of an IOC Evaluation Commission to analyse the 2028 candidature. This was done by entrusting the IOC Evaluation 2024 to extend its remit to incorporate this task.


The Evaluation Commission 2028 met by phone on 24 August to discuss the documentation submitted by Los Angeles. The city was requested to provide information on whether the candidature it had put forward for the Olympic Games 2024 would remain valid for 2028, and indicate expected changes, including any impact such changes would have on the Games’ operations and budget.


In the report published today, the Evaluation Commission confirms that Los Angeles will keep the 2024 venue master plan, and that UCLA will remain the Olympic Village. It also stresses the continued strong support from all levels of government, as well as from 83 percent of Angelenos.


The report focuses solely on changes to the Los Angeles proposal since the release of the IOC Evaluation Commission 2024 report on 5 July, as well as on the consequences of awarding the Olympic Games 2028 11 years out. It concludes that the many opportunities presented by holding the Olympic Games 2028 in Los Angeles would far outweigh any potential risk of awarding the Games 11 years in advance instead of seven years.


The Commission also outlines that Los Angeles and Paris would mutually benefit from the opportunities for collaboration, shared knowledge and experience that would result from the simultaneous award.
The finalization and ratification of the Tripartite Agreement will take place during the IOC Session in Lima on 13 September.