Just a Little More- 3 Silvers

An overcast, dreary day with intermittent showers greeted the morning session of the Finals in the Tanding (Sparring) Event of Pencak Silat. While hopeful for more Gold, all our brave Silat warriors lost their matches.
First up was Princess Enopia in the Women’s 50kg who met Duromae Firdao of Thailand. Princess who was still feeling the effects of being punched, an illegal blow, in the face the day before, fought bravely but was being beaten to punch, literally and figuratively, and lost 0-5. Jack Abad in the Men’s 65kg, started well but an elbow to the instep to the foot compromised his kicking, which was scoring points early in the match, to similarly lose 0-5 to Vu Van Kien of Vietnam.
In the afternoon, Jefferson Loon, started slowly and fell behind considerably to Poolkaew Pornteb of Thailand in the Men’s 65kg. He rallied in the 3rd and final round but could not close the gap and also lost 0-5. Pencak contributed 3 silvers and 3 bronze to the PHI Medal Tally.
It was unfortunate losses for our Beach Wrestlers. Joseph Angana, Men 70kg, lost to Ibraimov Danilar of Kyrgyzstan in the round of 16. Alvin Lobreguito in the Men’s 60kg won over Moseni Ali Mohammad of Afghanistan 3-0 but lost a close match to Choi Sungmin of Korea, 0-3, in his next match. Alvin qualified for the Bronze medal match but gamely lost to Komchan of Thailand in a close 1-3 match.
Tomorrow Oct 2, Jefferson Manatad, Men 80kg, the PHI’s last competitor takes on Jafar of Afghanistan at 8AM. Laban ng todo, Jefferson!