Last Recap, Oct 2, 5th Asian Beach Games

Jefferson Manatad was the last Pinoy competitor in ABG5, taking part in the Beach Wrestling Men’s 80kg class. Despite a strong effort, he lost to Abdul Qaderi of Afghanistan 2-3 to bow out of competition. Qaderi would lose his next match in the quarter finals to Muhammad Asad of Pakistan.

Team PHI did well at ABG 5. Here are our medalists:

Beach Athletics-

  • Marestella Torres-Sunang, Bronze, Women’s Long Jump
  • Mark Diones, Bronze, Men’s Triple Jump


  • Meggie Ochoa, Gold, Women’s 45kg
  • Annie Ramirez, Gold, Women’s 55kg
  • Gian Dee, SIlver, Men’s 62kg
  • Jenina Napolis, Bronze, Women’s 55kg
  • Apryl Eppinger, Bronze, Women’s 62kg


  • Lloyd Catipon, Bronze, Men’s 73kg
  • Helewn Dawa, Bronze, Women’s 52kg
  • Jenielou Mosqueda, Bronze, Women’s 57kg

Muay Thai-

  • Philip Delarmino, Bronze, Men’s 54kg
  • Jonathan Polosan, Bronze, Men’s 63kg
  • Harold Gregorio, Bronze, Men’s 75kg

Pencak Silat-

  • Princesslyn Enopia, Silver, Women’s 50kg
  • Jaciren Abad, Silver, Men’s 55kg
  • Jefferson Loon, Silver, Men’s Men’s 65kg
  • Dines Dumaan, Bronze, Men’s 50kg
  • Rick Ortega, Bronze, Men’s 60kg
  • Clyde Joy Baria, Bronze, Women’s 60kg

Beach Sepak Takraw-

  • Josephine Maat, Gelyn Evora, Deseree; Bonze; WOmen’s Trio

Beach Wrestling-

  • Noemi Tener, Bronze, Women’s 60kg


CDM Karen Caballero basking in a job well done remarked, “I am so proud and happy for this PHI Team. I would like to point out that 11 of the 21 medals won were from Women. The teamwork among athletes, coaches, team officials, the medical team, the administrative staff, the POC, the PSC, and other stakeholders made for the success of this ABG5. I will submit my report and recommendations so that we build on this experience. Congratulations to all!”