Nuance in the Beach Games

Proficiency at the indoor or conventional form does not guarantee success in the version being played at the 5th Asian Beach Games.
Let’s take marathon swimming. All our swimmers are outstanding pool swimmers but the waves and sheer distance were challenges for Claire, Courtney, Jessie, and Axel. Even coaching the event was a challenge according to Coach Dale, “Sitting on the aid platform  for an hour an half can wipe you out. I really got sea sick.”
In Beach Sepak Takraw, the competitors wear knee high socks and leggings as opposed to sneakers in the indoor game. The footing is harder to move in and the sand can get kicked up into the players’ eyes.
Deputy CDM Dave Carter cited some confusion in the Kurash event leading up to the ABG5, “Initially we prepared for a and competition, then we got word we would use tatami (judo straw mats), only to find out it was back to sand. Fortunately, we got some practices in.” The rules in Kurash are a little different than Judo. There are some moves like a push that score in Kurash but not in Judo.
3×3 Basketball is interesting. First the game is played half court. A conventional 2 point shot counts for 1 point and a 3 for 2 points in 3×3. When a team scores, the other team has to take it out in a specially designated semi-circle under the hoop to outside the 2 point line by passing or dribbling. On misses or turnovers, the ball must be taken out to the 2 point line before making a basket. Making a basket without taking it out results in a no count and turnover. Then, the foul situation must be managed. A free throw counts for 1 point like a conventional 2 point shot. At 6 team fouls, however, 2 free throws are awarded, then at 10 fouls, 2 free throws plus possession. Coach Mark Solano likes to emphasize driving to the basket early in the game to induce the 6 foul situation. Another tweak to the half court game, the winner is whoever is ahead after 10 minutes or the team who reaches 21 points first, whichever comes sooner.
Rowing Presdient Benjamin Ramos explained the difference between Beach Rowing and its Olympic version, “The boats are wider and have an open back side. Then, the course is a slalom, rather than straight point to point race. Maneuvering the buoys and the turnaround are different skills from conventional rowing.”
Beach Pencak Silat and Athletics have footing and surface the same considerations as Beach Voleyball and Sepak Takraw. So, the beach Teams have to have practice time on sand surfaces. Fortunately, the Beach Volleyball courts at ULTRA are a good alternative and was used considerably by some of the Teams.
Not so easy, these beach games.