Medals Still A-Comin’

With only Pencak Silat and Beach Wrestling left on Team PHI’s calendar, the good news is the medal spigot is still on.
Silat, produced 2 Bronze medals courtesy of Rick Ortega in the Tanding Men’s 60kg losing to Nguyen Ngoc Toan of Vietnam and Clyde joy Baria Tanding Women’s 60kg who could not handle Nur Abdul Ghani of Malaysia.
Jack Abad & Jefferson Loon, however, gained a Finals berth, assured of a Silver and gunning for Gold, in the Tanding Men’s 55kg & 65kg classes respectively and may add to the Gold medal tally. Earlier, Princess Enopia also won a Finals berth by winning by Disqualification over Nguyen Thi Tim of Vietnam in the Women’s 50kg class. Nguyen punched Princess in the face and because she could not continue fighting, she was awarded the win. The 3 fight on Oct 1.
Beach Wrestling produced a Bronze c/o Noemi Tener in the Women’s 60kg. After losing to Sun Yahzen of China, she beat Latxomphou Oday of Laos to qualify for the Bronze medal match, in which she defeated Ni Samnang of Cambodia. Um Len Jeon of Korea beat Sun for Gold.
Efrelyn Crosby of the Women’s 70kg class lost 4 matches and suffered a painful shoulder dislocation which was put back in place by the Games Medical Team. Richel Piollo lost to Aono of Japan and Nguyen Thi Xuan of Vietnam, but defeated Chey Chan Raksmey of Cambodia but did not qualify for the medal matches of the 50kg Class.
Laban Pilipinas!!!