Sepak Takraw PHL men’s team wins the silver medal at the recently concluded 13th International French Open of Sepak Takraw in Schiltigheim, France.

Philippine sepak takraw sparkles in France
The Philippine Amateur Sepak Takraw Association (PASTA) bagged podium finishes at the recently concluded 13th International French Open of Sepak Takraw in Schiltigheim, France, GMA News Online reported.

The men’s team, composed of John Carlo Lee, John John Bobier, Emmanuel Escote, and Regie Reznan Pabriga, won the silver medal in the regu event.

Karen Claire Tanchanco-Caballero, PASTA team manager and head of the delegation, said the men’s team B gave a “good showing” winning all of its matches, until takraw world powerhouse and event champion Thailand defeated them. China landed in the third place of the men’s regu competition.

Sepak Takraw is a traditional Asian game played with a woven synthetic ball kept in the air using the feet, shoulder, elbow, knee, and head but not with the hands.

Meanwhile, the women’s team, whose lineup includes Kristel Carloman, Mary Ann Lopez, Rizzalyn Amolacion, Jean Marie Sucalit, and Lhaina Lhiell Mangubat, placed third in the women’s regu competition. Thailand also bagged the gold for the said event, while China placed second.

It may come as a surprise but four out of five members of the women’s team are neophytes, according to Tanchanco-Caballero.

“I am happy on seeing the skills and potential of the ladies team despite their young age. I mean, what good is my leadership if I cannot empower athlete[s] of my own gender?” the team manager told GMA News Online.
Rodolfo Eco served as head coach of the PHL speak takraw teams.

Tanchanco-Caballero said their campaign was intended to give the team a better grasp of how international games are done.

It also served as their last exposure to competition, prior to the upcoming Southeast Asian Games that will be held from August 19 to 30 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.